Vecta Management

Vecta’s three founding partners previously worked together as the core of the A&H European Management Team of a global insurance company.

Our belief is that insurance is not just about underwriting. It is about understanding customer needs, designing appropriate solutions and delivering on these promises. Each part is important but redundant without the others. Our strength as a team is we bring discrete but overlapping skill sets. This is what we believe sets us apart.

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Partner T+44 (0)20 3023 3343 M+44(0)7769 186373

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Partner T+44 (0)20 3023 3341 M+44(0)7926 208260

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Vecta operates as a division within Castel Underwriting Agencies Limited which is part of the Barbican Group. An FCA regulated MGA, Castel offers a club-style MGA formation platform which is focused on achieving success and driving innovation through collaboration.

By providing experienced and entrepreneurial underwriters with regulatory and compliance support, and an extensive range of infrastructure capabilities, Castel offers a fast-track route to creating their own businesses.

Our partnership with Castel allows us to focus on servicing our clients’ needs, whilst they provide essential supporting functions.

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Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Underwriting Officer

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Finance Director

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Claims Manager

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Technical Operations Manager

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Operations Assistant