Vecta delivers a wide range of purpose-built accident, health, travel and lifestyle insurance solutions for organisations and individuals.

We build solutions across the UK and Continental Europe for specialist brokers, corporate clients, employers, banks and financial institutions, sports and other associations, professional groups, and individual consumers via schemes with affinity groups, financial institutions, and specialist brokers.

Why use Vecta?

What sets us apart is that we are not just underwriting insurance policies: we are providing complete scheme solutions. Every policy or scheme is different in covers required, pricing, wording, language, regulatory compliance and claims. Also, there may be further requirements for IT solutions or medical assistance.

For us, collaboration is vital. We work from the ground up with our clients and brokers together. Listening carefully, applying our marketing expertise, underwriting intelligence, and operational insight means we start building every solution with a clear understanding of what it needs to deliver.

At Vecta, we bring not only our own extensive personal experience, but also bring the benefits of the MGA model. As an MGA player, Vecta has comprehensive delegated authorities in place with prominent insurance partners.

There are multiple advantages to the client from working with an MGA. Firstly, the MGA operates a lean business model meaning that the client benefits from the cost advantages.

Secondly, this operating model means that we can work with the most appropriate partners for every scheme we develop.

Further, by setting our underwriting sights firmly on one specific sector, the client will always be the central focus. It will never suffer due to the insurer’s need to balance crossline portfolios.

At Vecta, we see the full insurance picture, and you can rely on us to deliver the complete end-to-end solution.