Our Product and Services

We provide products under four high level groupings of Accident, Health, Travel and Lifestyle.  These are not products in themselves but encompass various underlying covers.  What we do at Vecta is bundle different covers either within or across groupings to meet the specific requirements of our client.






Claims and Medical Assistance

Providing an appropriate claims solution is an integral part of our service offering. Different covers have different claims characteristics in terms of complexity and quantum. A travel delay claim requires very different handling from a death or disability claim, not just from a technical perspective but also a sensitivity perspective. At Vecta we have a number of turnkey claims solutions provided by reputable third party claims handling companies in the UK and across Continental Europe to ensure the correct claims handling and language skills are applied to any given scheme.

The same holds true for Medical Assistance on travel covers. We have a panel of providers who can provide 24/7 response in local language.

Of course, if a client already has their own preferred claims or medical assistance providers we are more than happy to work with these partners.

E-Trading and IT platforms

Many of our clients already have their own e-trading or web based distribution platforms. However, where required, we can help provide appropriate IT solutions.